Welcome to Airbus Military North America
Our customers are our partners
Airbus Military NA provides spare parts, MRO and component repair, as well as engineering services for Airbus Military's transport aircraft in the Americas.
Based in Mobile, Alabama, Airbus Military NA houses OEM-certified spare parts in an expansive 8,000 square foot warehouse, providing a best-quality product in ample supply to reduce downtime for our customers.
The Mobile facility was expanded in October 2009 to become Airbus Military North America’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Delivery Center. This 30,000 square-foot facility provides American operators of the C212 and CN235 tactical transports with the capabilities of a certified FAA, EASA Repair Station, as well as direct support from the aircraft manufacturer.
Airbus Military NA is ISO and EASA certified and makes quality in all aspects of operation a priority. As a result, the organization is the U.S. leader in the repair and overhaul of the C212 and CN235 aircraft and accessories.
That same level of commitment is found in our engineering and technical support services. Trained to rapidly solve technical issues and supply support and training, the Airbus Military NA team strives for a quick and expert response to our clients.